The Diet Consultants Testimonials will show you what elite sports people think of their work along with our other clients.

Rory Mcilory - Professional Golfer

Rory Mcllroy – Professional Golfer –
Major Champion

I originally worked with Sharmain to get a better understanding of what MY body needed in terms of diet, because I was going through a period of injury and wanted to reduce inflammation in my body while also getting leaner. It has been a pleasure working with Sharmain and also an education on the body and diet. I now understand the ratios of certain food groups and nutrients my body needs to feel and perform at its best. She helped put a personalized plan together and got me back on the road, not only to recovery, but committing to sensible and sustainable eating habits, which I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t recommend Sharmain highly enough to anyone that has the opportunity to work with her.

Catherine - a client of The Diet Consultant

Catherine – From London

So thank you first of all! I almost can’t believe the low FODMAP diet is finished, but I’m so pleased I made it and I really couldn’t have got there without your help and support Sharmain. I’m pretty sure if I had tried the diet by myself I would have given up in a week! I really appreciate you going above and beyond to get me to the point of seeing symptom improvements. I feel like I’ve probably been quite a tough client in that respect. It has made such a difference to me and the reduction of my symptoms in my everyday life now though, so I’m very pleased I came to you and took on the FODMAP challenge!

Dame Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes – Double Olympic Champion

In my role as a Technical Advisor for the GSK Human Performance Lab, I had the pleasure of working with Sharmain and observing one of her education sessions.  She provided a great workshop for a group of young middle distance runners, the session was extremely well received by all because of its clear and useful content, particularly because it was very practical and interactive. It was great to work with a nutritionist who has the knowledge and understanding to make the delivery relevant and engaging to the group.

Becky From London

Becky – From London

Sharmain helped me considerably when I went to her for nutritional advice. She was very thorough and I felt extremely comfortable detailing my digestion problems. She took the time to look into all aspects that could be troubling me and gave me some sound advice, which I followed up, resulting in me feeling great. I couldn’t be more grateful and would highly recommend her professional advice.

David Flatman - Ex-International Rugby Player

David Flatman – Ex-International Rugby Player

Sharmain was a pleasure to work with and, if I’m honest, was the first nutritionist to get me where I needed to be. Until she put nutritional advice into simple English, most of it went over my head. Sharmain made a couple of simple changes to how I approached my diet and that increased my energy levels and cut my body fat percentage. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape and stay there.

Jon Evans was a client of TH Diet Consultant

Jon Evans

Sharmain is extremely approachable and you can really see she cared so much about my goal, through both our face-to-face meetings and via emails. 
It wasn’t all plain sailing during the 50 lb loss there were many times I got frustrated and plateaued for a number of weeks.  It only took me getting back in touch with Sharmain to share my food diaries and instantly she tweaked the mix of food I was eating and I’ve not looked back since this advice.  Her knowledge is evidently vast and her background in sports nutrition has really helped me ensure I lose weight at the right speed and hence maintaining muscle mass.
I cannot thank Sharmain enough for the time spent with me and getting me on the right track to change not only my body shape but life as it was the kick start I needed to obtain my Personal Training Qualification so that I can now too share my experiences and help others.
Oliver Kohn - Ex-International Rugby Player

Oliver Kohn – Ex-International Rugby Player

Sharmain worked with me at Quins during a long term rehab training period, due to a ruptured ACL injury.  During this time I was keen to find ways to speed up my recovery as well as working on ways to maintain lean muscle and reduce body fat; aiming to be ‘fighting fit’ once rehab was over. She helped me focus on the changes I needed to make to my diet and explained how these changes would support my recovery. Sharmain was extremely knowledgeable and supportive when she worked with us and this helped a great deal.

Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach Scottish Rugby Sevens

Paul Bunce – Scottish Rugby Sevens

Sharmain worked successfully with Bath Rugby during the 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons as the teams Nutritionist. These were successful seasons for Bath, making the semi finals of the Guinness Premiership (both seasons) and quarterfinals of the Heineken Cup (2008/09).

During this time, Sharmain’s responsibilities included; assessing and monitoring 1st team players diets and body composition, advising on supplements to aid performance and recovery, producing and implementing specific nutrition resources and strategies, she worked well with the catering team to improve the club meals and snacks and effectively communicated player reports back to the coaching staff and management.

While working with Sharmain, I found her to be well organized, hard working, approachable and credible. She was able to build a good rapport with staff and team. She was prepared to work long hours and juggle a full time job in order to uphold the requirements of her role at Bath Rugby.

Most importantly, Sharmain was able to establish clearly and in simple terms the fundamental components of nutrition to players. This resulted in very good results and significant off the field developments in our nutrition program.

Chris Wood - Professional Golfer

Chris Wood – Professional Golfer

My goal when I started working with Sharmain, was to maintain my energy levels and weight from week to week whilst travelling the world playing on the European tour. This has always been a challenge for me, but Sharmain helped me to understand how I can meet my energy requirements through regular sittings and which foods I should be eating in each country to achieve my goals.

My diet now, is much more varied and consists of the right balance of nutrients.  For example I have learnt to consume the optimal amount of protein to maintain my muscle mass but not too much that it hugely increases my metabolic rate. I now have much better energy levels and I’m able to maintain a stable weight. As I progress in my training going into next season, I’ll be working with Sharmain on the changes I need to make to my diet to compliment this. I’d recommend Sharmain to anyone wanting to improve their nutrition knowledge and implement changes to their diet as a result.

Richard Parka - Extreme Environment Athlete

Richard Parks – Extreme Environment Athlete

Working with the team at the GSK HPL in preparation for my record breaking Solo Antarctica expedition, it was awesome to work closely with Sharmain. In particular, managing my race fuelling systems to perform in the double ironman event (The Brutal) which I used as the final stage of preparation for my expedition. With the race being only 4 weeks before I left for Antarctica, it was a critical time for me to be completely dialed with my diet, calorific requirements, nutritional race and recovery strategies. I look forward to working with Sharmain again in the future.
Rene Gilmartin, Profesional Goal Keeper

Rene Gilmartin – Professional Footballer-
Goal Keeper

Sharmain was an imperative member of the team while she worked with us.
Her insight and desire to improve everyone by applying her knowledge to our diet and nutrition was so important to us achieving a very positive finish in the premier league.
Sharmain was very approachable and met the needs of the team and individual needs. Her work with the chefs and sport science department was outstanding.
Personally I felt my body composition greatly improved and energy levels for training were the best they have been haven worked with Sharmain.

Team or individual I would recommend Sharmain to apply her knowledge to any discipline be it sport or individual goals.